Terms and Conditions

Our agreement with you provides:

  • Information you will need to know before you book;
  • A step by step guide to booking your break;
  • Payment arrangements;
  • Information about arriving, staying and departing;
  • Information we will need to know about you and your party - including any special needs;
  • Change and cancellation arrangements; and contact details.


A. To book your break

A1. Please:

  • read Section C which contains important information you need to consider before you book.
  • log on to www.holidayhomesinportugal.com or telephone us on +31 6 53372153.
  • note that you must be over 21 to make a booking.

A2. Booking more than 4 weeks ahead

A deposit payment of 30% of the total cost of your break is required to secure your booking. The balance must be paid 4 weeks before the start of your break. Any balance may be paid online by creditcard or by bank transfer.

A3. Booking less than 4 weeks ahead

Full payment by credit card or bank transfer is required at the time of making your reservation.

A4. Other payment methods

We will send you,  electronically, a confirmation showing the price for your break and any additional charges. It will also detail payments received and due.

Please check the details on your confirmation carefully. If any of the details are incorrect, or changed, especially your address, you must inform us as soon as possible.

You must also ensure that you pay any amount required in accordance with the confirmation payment schedule. If you do not, we will have the right to cancel your reservation and keep your deposit (as it is a non-refundable booking fee).

A5. Our agreement

A contract (our agreement) is formed when we receive the required payment and you have received a confirmation. This will be deemed to be 48 hours and sent electronically. If you do not receive a confirmation within this timescale, please contact us immediately.

Required payment means either the required deposit or the full amount due for your break.

Our agreement incorporates the entire contents of the website www.holidayhomesinportugal.com, the confirmation and this agreement (which we sent to you following your  reservation or which you accepted online at the time of booking).

Our agreement with you binds you, (the person named on the confirmation), and all members of your party, including children and any day visitors. You must ensure that all members of your party are aware of, and accept all of this agreement. Our agreement continues until the last member of your party has left the accomodation, including any extension to your stay and for such time afterwards as may be necessary.


B. The price of your break and what it includes

B1. The most up to date prices for accommodation and activities are shown on our website. Any prices shown on our website or other communications are subject to regular review and may change. The agreed price for your break will be quoted when you make a reservation and will be shown on the confirmation. Any prices shown on our website or other communications are subject to regular review and may change throughout the day.

B2. This price includes:

  • Use of your accommodation for the maximum number of guests we indicate;
  • Any other amenities or services described as included in the price of your break in the information provided to you.


B3. The price does not include:

  • Use of facilities and activities not included within your break, for example cycle hire and leisure activities. Additional charges and different booking arrangements apply - separate agreements will be formed for these items.
  • Where not already included in the price of your break, maid services are available subject to a additional charge. Please contact the Alto Club reception for further details.
  • Cot linen.
  • Additional cots or high chairs or other children’s equipment for your accommodation.
  • Airport transfers

B4. Animals

We do not allow to bring animals to our accomodations.


B5. Tax and price promise

All relevant prices include VAT at the appropriate rate.

We have the right to increase or decrease prices in line with any change in VAT or any other dues or fees levied on your break. We will not make any such increase to the basic cost of your break within 30 days of your holiday start date. We will also absorb all such increases where they form less than 2% of the total cost of your break. These provisions do not apply to any other separate charges.


C. Important information before you book

C1. Information about your party

We have the right to obtain the name, age, address and gender of each member of your party before confirming your booking or at any time. You (the booker) must be a member of your party unless we agree otherwise. Failure to provide us with full details of the make-up of your party prior to your arrival may result in access to your accomodation being delayed or denied.


D. Arrival

You may arrive from 10am on your arrival date and are welcome to use Alto Club facilities from that time. Your accommodation will be available from approximately 3.00pm.


E. Whilst on Village

E1. Our aim

Our aim is to provide a relaxed break suitable for families in a natural environment. To ensure the maximum enjoyment of your break and that of all our other guests you must comply with all of the requirements in this agreement. We draw your particular attention to the paragraphs below and to the safety and other information you will receive on or before arrival. You must also note and comply with all verbal or written guidance, especially safety guidance supplied to you by us or one of our staff. You must comply with all notices.

E2. Behaviour and compliance with this agreement

You are responsible for the behaviour of all members of your party.

Behaviour should be in keeping with the family environment and should not be excessive, noisy or disruptive, especially at night. Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the Police being involved. Offensive or aggressive behaviour or language towards our staff is not acceptable. We may ask you and/or any member of your party to leave immediately if your conduct results in Police attendance or is considered by us to be inappropriate; likely to cause harm; or impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of anyone; or is likely, in our belief, to breach any of this agreement. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances and we reserve the right not to accept any future bookings from you or any member of your party. 

E3. Children's supervision and parental responsibility

There must be at least one capable and responsible adult over the age of 21 in every accommodation type.

You are responsible for the supervision of all members or your party under the age of 21.

This is particularly important in all children's play areas and in swimming pools - where specific supervision ratios apply. Parties not meeting the required ratio or who are not supervising their children responsibly may be asked to put appropriate arrangements in place or to leave the relevant facility. Children's activities are unsupervised unless otherwise stated.

E4. Security of your property

  • We draw your special attention to the following:
  • Your personal belongings are your responsibility during your break with us.
  • Vehicles parked on our property are subject to very limited security cover only. You must lock your vehicle securely and remove all valuable items on parking.
  • The lockers provided in changing areas may only be used for clothing and non-valuable items;
  • Appropriate insurance is strongly recommended - please see below.
  • We accept no liability for any accident, loss or damage to your property.

E5. Environment

Please keep to prepared roads, paths and tracks at all times and treat all property and facilities carefully and appropriately.

E6. Accommodation

You must use your accommodation and its contents with care and leave it in a clean and tidy condition on departure. An accommodation inventory is available in advance on request and is provided in your accommodation on arrival. We reserve the right to charge you for any extra cleaning, missing items or damage.

We reserve the right to enter your accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose, for example, to make checks, maintenance work or housekeeping. Your occupation is not exclusive.

The maximum number of guests in each accommodation unit (as stated on our website) must not be exceeded. If it is, we may move those additional persons to another accommodation unit and will charge you or them the appropriate full charge for the additional accommodation, from the date your party arrived for the break.

E7. Improvements and maintenance

  • As we continually improve our facilities you may find that:
  • Listed facilities are temporarily closed for maintenance and/or improvement;
  • Some facilities and/or accommodation units have been altered, replaced or closed;
  • There is development or refurbishment work going on in certain areas of the resort. Whilst we take steps to reduce the impact of such works, you may experience noise and visual disturbance;
  • Maintenance work or housekeeping tasks are undertaken in and around your accommodation during your stay, although in such circumstances we try to minimise any inconvenience;

E8. Safety

You are required to follow any safety advice provided to you. Please note in particular:

  • Diving is not permitted in any part of the swimming pools
  • Barbecues are not permitted in apartments.
  • Take particular care not to do anything which might cause a fire - dispose of cigarettes and barbecues responsibly.
  • Fireworks may not be brought onto or used at our accommodations.
  • Do not enter or attempt to use any facility that is closed.

E9. Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted in any buildings (including accommodation).

E10. Compensation payable by you

By booking you agree that we have the right either during or after your stay to recover from you, whether via the credit/charge or debit card used to pay for the break or otherwise, the costs of:

  • Any property or accommodation damage, and/or
  • Any compensation we may pay to others, and/or
  • Any other costs, fees or levies which we may incur, resulting from your action or inaction and from any breach of this agreement.


F. Departure

You must vacate your accommodation by 10am at the latest on your day of departure.

Please return your key/key cards to the Alto Club reception or drop them in a collection box as you leave, but in either event by 10am.

You are welcome to continue to enjoy the facilities on the Alto Club throughout your day of departure but you must leave by midnight.


G. Changing or cancelling your booking

G1. Changing your booking 

You may change your booking with us for any reason provided the change is made 10 weeks or more before your start date. Each change is subject to availability and an amendment charge to cover our administration costs.

You may only change your start date once and you must select your new start date within 8 weeks of requesting the change, otherwise the change will be treated as a cancellation and a fee will apply (see paragraph H3).

Please note that any change of date or accommodation will be likely to involve a change in price of your break and an amendment charge being payable. The price payable is the greater of i) your original break cost; or ii) the price for your revised break change which applies at the time of your change. No difference will be refunded except where a change of date results in a lower price.

G2. Prevented from taking your break

If you are prevented from taking your break, please contact our Reservations Team at the earliest opportunity. We will do our best to assist. You may not, under any circumstances, transfer your booking to anyone without our consent. We will not consent to a transfer where the person or party concerned does not meet our requirements.

G3. Cancellation by you

You may cancel your break at any time. However, a fee will be charged as follows:


More than 6 weeks before arrival date:   Full deposit due

6 weeks or less 100% cancellation charge


For longer stay bookings (4 weeks and/or more) at prices lower than mentioned on our website, the following applies:


More than 12            weeks before arrival date:              Full deposit due

12 weeks or less                                                      100% cancellation charge


In order to cancel your break, please send an email to : info@holidayhomesinportugal.com

The cancellation/curtailment insurance described below gives protection against cancellation in certain circumstances. Please note it may only be taken out at the time of booking.

G4. Cancellation and changes by us

We have the right to cancel your booking, or to instruct you or your party to leave the accommodation immediately, without compensation or refund, should you or any of your party not comply with this agreement, particularly terms relating to behaviour and conduct.

G5. Refunds

Credit/charge or debit card payments will be refunded via the same card number or to the relevant travel agent less any non-refundable deposit and any other non-refundable amounts. Cheque refunds will be made to the person named on the confirmation.


H. Can we help?

H1. Any assistance you require or concerns should be brought to our attention immediately to a member of staff or to the reception desk. We aim to give prompt assistance to you if you are in difficulty and aim to respond promptly to any concerns you raise so that you can continue to enjoy your break.

Please note that we are not responsible for any matter of which you were aware and which you did not bring to our attention during your break.


And finally..!

If you have any questions we will be glad to assist you.

Please telephone our Reservations Team on +31 6 53372153 or email us on info@holidayhomesinportugal.com